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Big cable delivery device-belt rolling machine

Products description:

  • Package:Wooden case
  • Size:360mm*305mm*525mm
  • Model:WBC-J

    Products description:

    WBC-J Big cable delivery device-belt rolling machine

    1. Suitable to mate with Fully automatic terminal crimping machine and Digital wire cutting & stripping machine.
    2. Able to add the length of pallet and jaw according to customer's requirements.

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    Xiamen Hiprecise is now one of the governing unit " China Auto Parts Electronics & Electric Appliance Development Center" and strive to build the leading position of the national brand of China's wire processing equipment industry, and strive to make contributions to enhance the technology and equipment level of Chinese automotive wiring harness manufacturing.
    We provide an all-rounded solution to wiring harness processing area for the customers from Electrical Appliances, Auto, Industrial Control Automation, Instruments and Meters industries.
    Our main products include Full-automatic terminal crimping machine, Digital wire cutting & stripping machine,Terminal crimping machine, Applicators for terminal crimping, Industrial robot and other special wiring harness processing electronic equipments.

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